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Complaints & Grievance Procedure Policy

Seacrest Sober Living is dedicated to providing a supportive community where men and women in early recovery can restore themselves to healthy sober individuals. We believe that recovery is a process and requires the right level of support to move our residents toward a positive clean and sober life. The key to success in recovery is a solid foundation, which Seacrest Sober Living provides, while encouraging our residents to develop within themselves. Each resident agrees to an individual plan during his stay with us.

Seacrest Transtional Living LLC is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our residents. We will work with you to try to resolve any conflict and try to provide a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved within seventy-two (72) hours, whenever possible. If you have a complaint and/or grievance or wish to participate or convey your feelings regarding any ethical issue during your stay at (YOUR PROGRAM NAME HERE), please follow the procedures outlined herein.

A GRIEVANCE SLIP is available in the Office. The form is to be completed, signed and placed in a sealed envelope. The envelope is to be placed in the grievance box prior to each Thursday.

If you are making a verbal complaint to a staff member, the staff member must complete the Grievance Slip. The form is to be signed by both you and the staff member.

The House Director will meet with you to discuss your grievance/complaint within forty-eight hours. During the initial interview, the House Director will discuss the nature of the complaint/grievance, the impact on your stay (if applicable) and possible resolutions. You will be provided with a written response to your complaint/grievance with resolutions within seventy-two hours of receipt. The House Director will sign this response. If you still feel like the issue has not been resolved after speaking to management you may contact FARR (The Florida Association of Recovery Residences) and file a grievance by going to

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